SEDOL Masterfile – Changes to the BULK Upload Template & Inclusion of CFI 10962: 2015

SEDOL Masterfile will be making changes to the Bulk Upload template that customers currently use. 

The Bulk Upload feature enables permissioned users to create multiple SEDOLs quickly and easily. Rather than creating individual records through the User Interface, users can manually upload a file into SEDOL Masterfile providing that all the mandatory fields are populated to enable error free generation of a SEDOL code for the requested instruments in real-time.

An additional 11 columns will be appended to the end of the External Bulk Upload template which users can populate accordingly:

Field Name Format Description
ExchangeSymbol VARCHAR (50) International ticker/exchange/trading code
LocalCode VARCHAR(50) Local trading code
CFICode2015 VARCHAR (6) ISO 10962:2015 Classification of Financial Instruments code (CFI) 
Tranche VARCHAR(12) Can apply to Debt / Equities / Other
Series VARCHAR(12) Can apply to Debt / Equities / Other
Class VARCHAR(12) Can apply to Debt / Equities / Other
Tenor VARCHAR(12) Applicable to Cross Rates
BondSeniority VARCHAR(12) Senior / Mezzanine / Subordinated / Junior Debt
OptnExSty VARCHAR(12) Option Exercise Style - American / European / Bermudan / Asian / Other
GreenBondIndicator TRUE or FALSE True / False
FISN VARCHAR(35) ISO 18774 Financial Issuer Short Name

How does this affect me?

This change only affects existing permissioned users who use the existing BulkUpload template as part of SEDOL requests. This can either be via email or manual import by logging on at You will need to download the new template from the link <here>.

These changes have been updated in the latest version of our SEDOL Service & Technical Guide v8.2 which will come into effect from 12th July 2017. Please refer to the Mandatory & Optional Field table for clarification on the new Field additions.

CFI Code 2015

Commencing 12th July, we will begin populating the CFICode2015 field. Over time, coverage of this field will increase where applicable.

If you have any queries, please email