Regulatory Reporting EMIR

Simplify your EMIR reporting and prepare for EMIR Refit with Regulatory Reporting.

EMIR is designed to increase the transparency of ETD and OTC markets and monitor systemic risk.

All derivatives transactions must be reported to an approved trade repository such as Regulatory Reporting if one of the counterparties is a registered entity within the EEA and UK.

Access our trusted EMIR reporting solutions

Streamline your reporting

Integrate all your reporting on the Regulatory Reporting platform.

Enhance your data

Enrich your data with hard-to-find reference information, such as CFI codes, with Regulatory Reporting’s comprehensive EMIR Reference Data.

Increase transparency and visibility

Gain exceptional transparency and visibility into your inter and intra trade repository matching.

Simplify data extraction

Benefit from extensive download capabilities and a greater understanding of your position within the EMIR Trade Repository with easily exportable open position reports. 

Get ahead of EMIR Refit

Turn “reactive” into “proactive” with access to our experts in EMIR / ESMA trade reporting.

EMIR Refit ISO 20022 XML Converter tool

Regulatory Reporting is offering an EMIR Refit ISO 20022 XML Converter tool, allowing financial institutions to report and manage EMIR Refit transactions in Excel/CSV instead of having to build to the XML schema. The new tool will be made available in UAT in April 2023.

EMIR Delegated Reporting & EMIR Reference Data

Benefits for banks

Regulatory Reporting’s EMIR Delegated Reporting solution enables banks to: 

Enhance client service

  • Regulatory Reporting simplifies complex reporting tasks, ensuring minimal impact on you and your clients
  • Reconciliation of trade data and instantaneous rejections feedback via GUI
  • Reports on your exceptions including areas for improvement
  • Calculation of position data
  • Clients retain the mandate to report correctly but have minimal reporting effort
  • Full support team to handle client and sell-side queries

Meet a variety of client needs flexibly

  • Raw data can be submitted in any Regulatory Reporting standard format to accommodate for various preferences in BO language – including FPML, Excel, .csv, XML
  • Multiple delegated reporting models offered to accommodate varying client requests and requirements

Stay ahead of your competition

  • Anecdotal evidence from client meetings suggests buy-side firms are inclined to choose the services of those sell-side firms who offer a delegated reporting service for all asset classes in their portfolio
  • Compete with tier one banks who have already confirmed they will be offering this service

Why choose Regulatory Reporting?

With years of industry expertise and trusted data accuracy, Regulatory Reporting is reframing regulation through data insights, workflow automation and easy onboarding that help you turn reactive into proactive, get ahead of regulations and upskill your teams through access to our experts. 

Contact us today to learn more about Regulatory Reporting’s EMIR Delegated Reporting and EMIR Reference Data solutions.

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Global Customer Support

Regulatory Reporting offer a follow the sun support model to our clients. In addition to the proactive monitoring of our Regulatory Reporting platform, we also provide 24x7 hardware and infrastructure monitoring as standard.

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