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Browse our sustainable investment indices, designed to help you implement a sustainable investment view in an ever-changing world.

    Sustainable investment index solutions

    Our Sustainable Investment index solutions are designed to meet investors’ diverse sustainability needs and objectives across asset classes. Our flagship index solutions include the FTSE TPI Climate Transition Index Series, the FTSE4Good Index Series, the FTSE EU Climate Benchmark Index Series, the FTSE Environmental Markets Index Series, and the FTSE Blossom Japan Index Series.

    Our market leading custom index solutions and Smart Sustainability capabilities help clients implement their individual investment strategies with even greater precision.

    For more information about our related Sustainable Investment data and analytics solutions, please visit Sustainable Investing Solutions.

    The FTSE Russell sustainable investment index framework explained through the lens of the investor objective

    FTSE Russell Climate Indices

    Accelerate to a green economy Transition to a low carbon economy Align with regulatory objectives
    Build investment strategies with exposure to the green opportunities generated by climate changes Seek exposure in your investment strategy to securities that might prevail in a low carbon economy, based on past and forward looking trends Align your investment strategy with climate regulation, reporting and policy developments
    FTSE Environmental Markets  ·  Equity FTSE TPI Climate Transition  ·  Equity

    FTSE EU Climate Benchmarks including PAB & CTB  ·  Equity

    FTSE Russell ESG Indices

    Select investments Integrate ESG investment strategy                     Align with regulatory objectives
    Build investment strategies based on
    your specific exclusions/inclusions needs
    Includes ESG criteria in your investment strategy Align your investment strategy with regulations and
    policies that have ESG/sustainable objectives
    FTSE4Good  ·  Equity Russell US ESG  ·  Equity

    FTSE Euro Credit SDG-Aligned Bond (custom)  ·  Fixed Income


    Sustainable investment has become a critical part of mainstream investment thinking. With 20 years of experience at the epicentre of sustainability, FTSE Russell has helped to shape the global investment landscape, working alongside a range of stakeholders from investors to regulators, corporates, and industry associations.

    We combine expert data capabilities and a multidisciplinary team of thought leaders to drive innovation in a changing world, helping investors to seize new opportunities with forward-thinking indices.

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