G20 Reporting

Fulfil multiple derivative reporting obligations in Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

What is G20 Reporting?

In September 2009 G20 member states endorsed a plan to increase the transparency of the global markets in order to promote financial stability. This means that OTC derivative contracts must now be reported to a trade repository and cleared through a CCP. It is up to the local regulator in each member state to determine how the regulation is implemented.

Regulatory Reporting assists thousands of firms to fulfil multiple derivative reporting obligations in Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Learn more about the regimes covered by our G20 Reporting solution:


Streamlined and enhanced regulatory reporting

The Regulatory Reporting platform’s Rules Engine allows firms to address multiple G20 Reporting regulations via a single interface – eliminating the need to set up multiple connections or interact with 20 different repositories. The platform offers advanced functionality that provides users with:

Visibility across the entire business

Get a centralised view of all your global derivatives data via a single interface.

A single connection for all regulations and seamless relationship management

Connect to Regulatory Reporting and we will manage your connections to regulators and repositories. Enjoy a seamless experience across all the regulations you use Regulatory Reporting to report for with one account manager as your point of contact.

Future-proofed for regulatory change

Ensure your systems are always up to date and be ready for compliance with new regulations, with validations updated to reflect changes in regulations. Avoid the need to build tactical solutions and stressful onboarding projects.

Quick setup and easy to update

Regulatory Reporting is a hosted solution, which means no local installation or long onboarding programmes are required.

Improved reporting quality

Regulatory Reporting provides firms with access to reliable reference data, direct from the source at London Stock Exchange – improving the quality of your reporting.


Regulatory Reporting’s sophisticated G20 Reporting functionality enables users to:

  • View errors and mismatches within the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Log in via a single interface for all regulations and toggle between different regulations
  • View up to 12 months of historical data
  • Set extensive and flexible user permissions
  • Access dashboard charts and metrics that link to specific areas (e.g. errors by category, errors by field)

Why choose Regulatory Reporting?

With years of industry expertise and trusted data accuracy, Regulatory Reporting is reframing regulation through data insights, workflow automation and easy onboarding that help you turn reactive into proactive, get ahead of regulations and upskill your teams through access to our experts.

Regulatory Reporting is one of the largest European trade repositories (TR), helping firms process billions of derivative trade messages annually.

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Global Customer Support

Regulatory Reporting offer a follow the sun support model to our clients. In addition to the proactive monitoring of our Regulatory Reporting platform, we also provide 24x7 hardware and infrastructure monitoring as standard.

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