We offer the flexibility to use our models or the ease of building your own custom analytics - transform data into more valuable and AI actionable insights.

Create actionable insights with differentiated analytics

We deliver a range of trusted models and innovative AI-powered analytics tools, all supported by a robust open, scalable infrastructure. Our pre-built, market-validated models and tools ensures you have the right analytics.

Discover insights faster that will help you automate complex analytic tasks. We enable you to integrate your own tools, parameters, pricing models and workflows so you can personalise your experience.

Get a competitive edge with AI-powered analytics you can trust. We are continually evolving our AI ecosystem to create new products that will help you analyse data more effectively.

Emily Prince shares the top three opportunities within Analytics.


Taking advantage of AI in the financial industry: 

Using the power of LLMs, Autonomous Agents respond and act on their environment by creating, executing, and prioritizing tasks.

Features and benefits

Discover how our analytical foundations and models can support your investment decisions.


Market sensitive analytics reacting to continually evolving dynamics and client needs


Aligned support of analytics across client business areas accounting for breadth of use cases


Wide ranging and extendable asset class and solution services addressing breadth of client needs


Integrated client tools solutions enabling analytics parameter and model customisations

Who we serve

Client engagement is embedded in our DNA. This is built on enduring relationships with a wide range of the largest financial institutions globally. Providing solutions for the back-office, middle-office and front-office across both buy-side and sell-side clients:

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