Build a clear picture of the global commodities market to make informed trading decisions across emissions, agriculture, metals, and shipping markets.

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Cut through the noise and build a clear picture of global commodities markets with our unique data and analytics, powerful expert insights, and news that truly moves the markets. We help you to make more informed and accurate commodity trading decisions.

Climate risk and geopolitical supply chain shocks continue to affect commodities markets. Identify opportunities among the challenges with comprehensive market and pricing data, available via our platform or through our flexible and open capabilities that can ingest data you generate or subscribe to from third parties. 

Choose from every commodity market across energy, emissions, agriculture, metals, shipping and more. Enjoy exclusive access to insights from leading experts that shape the industry’s thinking plus Reuters news. 

Clearing your commodity derivatives – including listed options and futures in agricultural and soft commodities – with LCH SA’s CommodityClear service enables you to benefit from reduced credit risk, enhanced capital efficiencies and greater operational resilience, as well as robust default management processes. It also helps your business to become leaner, more efficient and safer.

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To gain a competitive edge, you need to understand what is moving the markets. Discover our unique combination of data, analytics, research, visualisation tools, market-leading research, and news– helping you get answers earlier and make decisions faster than your peers.

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