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Maximise efficiencies and reduce risk in your cleared and non-cleared derivatives – pre-clearing and post-trade.

Driving innovation and efficiency in derivatives

Look to Refinitiv for global pricing and market data for the financial markets. You can choose from extensive futures data covering global exchanges, as well as exchange-traded options data covering multi-asset-traded products.

LCH‘s clearing services are delivered by our clearing houses in London and Paris, for markets globally. Benefit from proven risk management capabilities across multiple jurisdictions, currencies and asset classes, including CDS, commodities, equities, fixed income, FX, and OTC and listed interest rates.

Our approach helps to reduce systemic risk and strengthen stability in financial markets. Our longstanding partnership with the markets allows us to deliver innovative post-trade clearing solutions that support optimisation of resources and increase operational efficiency through our LCH Data & Analytics Services and LCH SwapAgent service.

UnaVista simplifies compliance with derivatives reporting regulations in multiple jurisdictions globally. We help reduce your regulatory risk and free up resources by making your operations more efficient, also helping you to derive greater value from your reporting.

How we help

Clearing and reporting your OTC derivatives

Enhance your risk management, maximise capital and operational efficiencies, and derive greater value from your derivatives reporting.