Sustainable Finance and Investment

Sustainable Growth. Making more possible.

We’re fusing sustainability and finance to enable our customers to create sustainable growth.

LSEG is dedicated to enabling our customers to create sustainable growth. We do this by fusing our expertise on sustainability and finance to provide critical market infrastructure, data and analysis.

This approach is helping to mobilise capital for sustainable finance and investment which is accelerating the climate transition, growing the green economy and creating economic opportunity.

Actions demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future.

For over 20 years, we have been playing a leading role in sustainable finance – bringing together expertise, powered by industry data, for our customers and market participants.

Our customers can access comprehensive cross-asset data and analytics to inform their decision-making, manage risks, raise capital and navigate new sustainability regulations. We continually seek to shape best practice by engaging and collaborating with industry stakeholders through partnerships and key initiatives.

Sustainable growth

The fusion of finance and sustainability

We help our clients enable sustainable growth through our leadership and thought leadership initiatives


We enable sustainable growth by engaging and convening the market around core issues, challenges and discussions for sustainable finance.

Expertise & people

With our world-class capital-raising and cross-asset data capabilities over the last 20 years, ​we have built on our sustainable finance and investment expertise, opening up opportunities for our partners across the globe.

Rewiring the financial ecosystem

We are enabling our customers to deliver sustainable growth through the fusion of sustainability and finance across the financial ecosystem.

Financial markets infrastructure, data and Indices

Merging the power of trusted financial markets infrastructure, relevant data sets, analytics, indices and expert insights helps organisations mobilise capital that enables sustainable growth.

Solving your challenges and helping find opportunities

LSEG solutions

LSEG’s solutions span capital raising, data and analytics, research, regulatory reporting and indices, enabling market participants to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Our solutions can help market participants overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Engage with the community

Partnership on enabling key finance sector initiatives        

LSEG partners with PRI, OS-Climate, GFANZ, Climate Action 100+, IIGCC, FoSDA

We work across the industry as a critical enabler for key financial sector initiatives.

Impactful collaboration with academia

We work with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate change and the Environment, the Transition Pathway Initiative, the World Investment Forum, the University of Cambridge, the Green Finance Committee at the China Society for Finance and Banking, the UK Centre for Greening Finance & Investment

Our solutions enabling data and methodologies to be used widely across the industry.

Action among exchanges

Our sustainable exchange peers include Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative, World federation of Exchanges, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Japan Exchange Group

We believe it’s vital to work with our peers to support sustainable finance and investment mandates.

Trusted sounding board for regulator & policymakers

Regulators and regulations we align with include the FCA, Bank of England, the Green Finance Committee at the China Society for Finance and Banking, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance and the EU High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

We provide data and solutions which can help clients meet regulatory requirements and ensure we are working with the regulator to fully understand the requirements.

LSEG Sustainable Growth podcast

Explore the LSEG Sustainable Growth podcast where we feature key industry leaders sharing insights around sustainable finance, investing and business practices.

Why LSEG sustainable growth?

We are energised to help our customers and market participants navigate the fundamental shift needed in the financial ecosystem towards more sustainable economic growth.

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