Post Trade

Post Trade Solutions

Post Trade solutions brings together Acadia, SwapAgent and Quantile to streamline operations, reduce risk and improve capital efficiency for our customers. Individually, we’re experts in our field. Together, we’re changing post trade for the better.

Drive efficiency and reduce risk

LSEG’s Post Trade solutions enable customers to increase efficiencies and optimise capital across the post trade landscape. By connecting with existing cleared infrastructure we bring the benefits of clearing to the bilateral space, driving efficiency no matter where customers choose to trade their risk.

We focus on our customers’ needs by identifying their pain points and provide solutions that make a material impact to their operations and costs. By bringing together three innovative businesses we aim to reinvent the post-trade landscape.

Key features

Eliminate friction across post trade


Standardising margin and collateral workflows across a community of over 3,000 firms.

Data management

Providing a golden source of agreement data and standardising portfolios on a central open-access platform.

Risk and optimisation

Delivering calculation and optimisation services which reduce counterparty risk and capital requirements by up to 50%.

Our solutions

We’re better together

Explore our post trade solutions.

Mitigate your risk with Acadia

Benefit from a fully integrated suite of risk management services by leveraging Acadia’s risk, margin and collateral tools, combined with quant services, designed specifically for the derivatives community.

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Optimisation with Quantile

Reduce the size, risk and complexity of your derivatives portfolio with Quantile’s market-leading compression and optimisation services.

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Efficiency with SwapAgent

Increase opportunities for trading efficiencies in bilateral derivatives through standardised legal term, valuations, margining and settlement of bilateral OTC derivatives, including cross-currency swaps and swaptions.

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