Changes affecting UK Exchange Traded Options & Futures

Changes affecting UK Exchange Traded Options & Futures

There are some important changes affecting ISIN codes for the following UK exchange traded derivative venues:
London Metal Exchange (XLME)
Change of Issuer name for existing LME contacts.

Effective from 5 November 2017 all active existing ISIN codes for LME issued contracts will move to new Issuer IDs, as notified in our Issuer naming convention change for Options & Futures published 19 October 2017. 
Please see link below of old to new Issuer Name/IDs for London Metal Exchange.

LME Old Issuer IDs to new Issuer IDs 

ICE Futures Europe Ltd (IFEU, IFLL, IFLX, IFLO)
New ISIN codes will replace all existing ICE Europe Futures Exchange contracts effective 20 November 2017. The timeline of changes are:

13 November 2017: The new ISIN codes will be made available ahead of the effective date for all ICE Futures Europe Ltd contracts. A full list will be published on our website but will not be viewable on SEDOL Masterfile until go-live on 20 November 2017.

17 November 2017: From the close of business (LDN), all existing ICE GB ISIN codes will become inactive in readiness of new ISIN code activation 20 November 2017.
20 November 2017: The new ISIN codes, as per the list published on 13 November, will be made active (tradeable) in SEDOL Masterfile.
Please note that the new ISIN codes will be issued under the new Issuer Naming Convention as per our notice published 19 October 2017
Please see link below of the new Issuer names/IDs for ICE Futures Europe.

ICE Issuer IDs