London Stock Exchange welcomes NLB Group

London Stock Exchange welcomes NLB Group

The NLB Group is a financial and banking institution based in the Republic of Slovenia with an exclusive focus on and headquarters in Slovenia. The NLB Group's core international markets include Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia, where the NLB Group operates through its banking subsidiaries. NLB's management believes that Southeastern European markets outside of the Republic of Slovenia present attractive opportunities to capture superior growth and take advantage of the experience that it has accumulated in the region.

The NLB Group provides services to corporate and retail clients and had 5,956 employees as at 30 June 2018. With a network of 349 branches, of which 108 branches operate in the Republic of Slovenia and 241 operate in the banking markets of the remainder of Southeastern Europe.  Core markets and activities of the NLB Group include banking services (corporate and retail activities), asset management and bancassurance products, financial markets in the Republic of Slovenia and core foreign markets (which includes six banks and two SPVs).

For the six months ended 30 June 2018 and for the year 2017 the NLB Group recorded a net profit attributable to Shareholders equal to EUR 104.8 million and EUR 225.1 million, respectively. The NLB Group is fully conscious of future challenges to sustain its profitability and achieve growth. The NLB Group's strategy through 2020 includes a collection of strategic initiatives with short- and medium-term impact that aims to further modernise and improve the NLB Group's operations, enhance revenues, reduce costs and improve its growth prospects. Key priorities of the NLB Group's strategy are as follows: Innovation for customers, optimised product offering, Simplicity champion, Smart banking, Measured risk taking and Engaged employees.

Blaž Brodnjak, President of the Management Board of NLB:
"NLB has reached another important milestone in the process of privatization. The Public Offering (PO) of NLB is a landmark transaction, being the first PO for a decade in the Slovenian market as well as the largest ever Slovenian PO. The transaction will also be the largest European banking PO in 2018YTD. The transaction was launched and executed amidst a backdrop of very challenging markets and negative sentiment for IPOs and the banking sector in general. We are looking forward to opportunities and challenges that the listing on the stock exchange will bring to the company. The NLB Group is committed to developing a culture of client focus, risk awareness, integrity, efficient organisation and social responsibility. Being at home in the SEE region, we understand the market's specifics, it's weaknesses and advantages.

And we are here - with the right financial solution for every client's need. We remain fully committed to delivering value to our key stakeholders and society on all our markets."