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Sea Monster Entertainment

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The Big Picture

South Africa’s Sea Monster Entertainment is a marketing company that uses animation, games and augmented reality to make a difference, with a particular focus around financial education and entrepreneurship. “We create engaging and memorable digital content and experiences,” says Managing Director Glenn Gillis. “We know how to use stories to share knowledge and inspire behaviour change. Sea Monster delivers projects that have the potential to fundamentally disrupt how organisations communicate.”

The company was set up seven years ago and since then it has been getting involved in increasingly complex and strategic projects with a few key clients. These are aimed at both internal and external audiences. The larger projects do necessitate bigger budgets, but Glenn says the company’s output tends to work best on a larger canvas.

“At scale, our solutions can be very cost-effective, but they do require a level of upfront investment and high-level buy-in,” he says. “Over time and with appropriate support they can drop costs by up to 75% per active engagement and customers are increasingly partnering with us to unlock this value. In turbulent times, companies must do more, not less, to make calculated investments to drive new business growth and lower costs.”

Fittingly, the company also has big ambitions for itself. Over the next five years it plans to raise more funding to invest in sales and marketing channels globally, open an office in London and develop products with clients around the world. It is also looking for ways to create annuity income and develop revenue-sharing arrangements.

“Our ambitions are global, and a strong desire to achieve scalable change is core to our plans,” says Glenn. “Animation and games really will change the world, and organisations are starting to see how these can be serious business tools to drive measurable results. Our opportunities are endless.”