Esprit School of Engineering

Esprit School of Engineering

Company information

  • Sector: Healthcare & Eduation
  • Country of operations: Tunisia

The spirit of education

Tunisia’s Esprit School of Engineering aims to do things differently. It strives to be more than just another private education institution and describes itself as a university that thinks outside the box, with its innovative way of educating the next generation of engineers. The university set itself goals of providing the best quality education and giving its students the skills they will need when they graduate.

“When we first created Esprit, we wanted to stand out from the crowd,” says Tahar Ben Lakhdar, Co-founder and CEO. “The students remain the key actors of their education and are positioned at the core of our learning system. To that end, Esprit uses problem- and project-based learning, creating an ‘on the job’ environment and leading to the quality education demanded in the labour market.”

It’s getting results. Esprit currently has more than 6,000 students and 80% of its graduates find jobs in less than six months.

The political and economic turmoil that Tunisia has suffered since 2011 has made conditions difficult for many in the country, including those in the education sector. However, private universities have been insulated to some extent from the worst of the problems. “Parents nowadays trust private universities, despite the investment they have to provide, as they were less affected by the economic impact thanks to the support of different bodies and the constant monitoring of the quality of education,” Tahar says.

Esprit aims to extend its reach and attract more students from other parts of the continent. “We intend to expand Esprit towards Sub-Saharan countries,” says Tahar. “The same values that helped us consolidate our establishment in Tunisia will also help us to grow our business abroad. We are also planning professional exchange programmes to better connect with other nationals and share our knowhow.”