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Casablanca-based Energy Transfo is a company which has moved with the times. Set up in 1989 to design and manufacture transformers, it has developed turnkey distribution stations ready to be connected to the grid. More recently, it has expanded into the solar energy sector to take advantage of the growing demand for renewable power and it has developed a containerised transformer for large solar photovoltaic plant.

The company has been exporting its products around the continent since 1999, with a particular focus on west and central Africa, and it sells in more than 20 countries. It has been distributing solar equipment around the continent since January 2016 and it is the opportunities in this area that look the most promising these days.

“Solar power will provide great business opportunities over the coming decades,” says Nouzha Taariji Marrakchi, CEO. “People without any access to electricity will gladly embrace a solar option. Anyone who’s paying a lot on electricity bills will welcome a solar solution that cuts down electricity costs in the long run. And people with a green awareness will often pay to go solar.”

The company is targeting the full range of potential buyers, from residential to commercial, industrial and institutional customers, with the promise of reducing their energy costs. But although the opportunity might be great, Nouzha recognises it can still be a tough environment.

“Our company is involved in an increasingly competitive market,” says Nouzha. “So, in order to maintain our position and grow our business, we have developed and implemented initiatives to reduce costs, boost sales, adjust capacities, improve our processes and realise synergies.”

And she has one piece of advice for anyone starting out in business. “Never stop innovating. Even if you are at the top of your market, you have to continue to improve your product.”