Kyogo Mazinga

Kyogo Mazinga

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Set in stone

Quartz, kaolin, marble, granite – name a stone and there’s a strong chance that Kyogo Mazinga can supply a cut version of it.

The company, based in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, supplies stone veneering in a variety of shapes, colours and textures for both indoor and outdoor use in the construction industry. The firm sources material from local quarries in Uganda and sells the cut stone both in its home market and in a number of nearby countries.

“The biggest opportunity in recent years has been exporting out of the country,” says CEO Sharon Sabiiti. “We have capitalised on this by building capacity and have exported our stones to Rwanda and Kenya.”

Over the next few years, Kyogo Mazinga plans to invest in better machinery and to significantly expand its workforce to take advantage of the growth opportunities. “Our workforce has grown by 30% over the past six years and we expect a similar increase over the next five years,” says Sharon. “Tough economic times haven’t had a big effect on the business directly and we have seen orders come in regardless.”

“The biggest opportunity in recent years has been exporting out of the country”

Although Uganda’s construction industry has managed to weather the difficult economic climate of recent times, it is expected to see some important changes over the coming years, with greater pressure likely to be put on smaller, independent companies as the market becomes more competitive.

“The players in the building and construction industry – in particular, those dealing in stone – have been working independently; we expect this to change,” predicts Sharon. “Ten to 15 years from now, there will also be increased interest from importers in supplying more of their products into the country, forcing the local industry to be more organised.”

  • Kyogo Mazinga has grown its workforce by almost a third over the past six years

For small businesses that are just starting out, Sharon has some simple advice. “Start small and be patient even when things aren’t going your way. Patience and persistence are very important.”