Stanhope has been busy since summer 2012, with BBC Television Centre in White City and One Angel Court in the City of London among the property developer’s recent purchases – just reward for a company that has worked hard to sustain and grow its business in tough times.

"We have managed to grow our business in the past five years primarily because we did not overstretch ourselves in the boom," Stanhope CEO David Camp says. "Property development is a risky business and to be a long-term player you need to be structured and funded in a way that enables you to survive the downturns and then come out stronger the other side."

  • Stanhope has continued to expand its growing property portfolio in the past five years

Stanhope’s business is based on long-term partnerships with financially strong partners such as Mitsui Fudosan and AIMCo, as well as a model centred on targeting projects across the risk spectrum.

Diversification has been another key to growth, with Stanhope identifying and entering other marketplaces where its skills are relevant, such as regional retail projects and the residential development market.

These business strategies have been underpinned by a consistent team approach with a common goal, taking a research-based approach to what customers want and, above all, being honest, open and fair.

Having seen his company emerge from tough economic times stronger than ever, David has advice for businesses starting out. "Research your market, assemble a high-quality team of complementary skills, be prepared to treat the early years as an investment – and get lucky."