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English Tea Shop

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A cup of sustainability

Founded in 2010 by Suranga Herath, English Tea Shop is an independent speciality tea company. Headquartered in the UK with a manufacturing arm of the business in Sri Lanka, the company is committed to bringing a variety of 100% organic teas to its customers.

The tea industry has experienced a shift, driven by millennials who are looking for higher-quality and ethically sourced products, and this ties in with the firm’s ethical approach to business. “As a pioneer of sustainable practices, we put our employees’ and suppliers’ livelihoods first using the principles of value sharing,” says CEO Suranga. “We initiate schemes that allow our farmers to grow their entrepreneurial skills and consequently improve their quality of life.” English Tea Shop reinvests 1% of its annual turnover back into the farms it works with, helping with issues such as education.

Suranga expects that this increased demand for ethical businesses will grow stronger. He says: “Seventy per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from companies with strong and proven policies on sustainability and ethics.”

Advising on business practice, Suranga recommends having a model that benefits both the business and the wider world in order to achieve real sustainable growth.

“The English Tea Shop has been leading the way for sustainable practices since its inception in 2010, which means there are huge opportunities for us to continue to make ethical business choices and pave the way for brands to follow.”