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Culture with a heart

Specialising in recruitment in the technology and digital sector, La Fosse Associates’ CEO James Parker reveals: “It’s how we do it that makes us different.”

La Fosse leads by example, looking after its employees in a way it hopes the recruitment industry will follow. “Our vision is simple: to build a company by treating people well,” says James. “We believe that a culture with a heart is the best way to rapidly grow a great business.”

When Simon La Fosse founded the company in 2007, he set aside 40% of the equity to be gifted to staff. Also, the company has recently launched its pro-bono advisory practice, connecting charities with leaders on an advisory basis, waiving the usual fee. La Fosse Associates’ charitable efforts have seen the company presented with the Give Something Back award at the Lloyds National Business Awards.

The business is built on an 80% associate, or entry-level, hiring model. This means that the company’s success is dependent on finding people who love learning, before developing them to a high standard. This method has increased the company’s headcount to 200. “Our growth strategy is to invest in our people,” says James. “Our learning and development programme isn’t just a branch of our business – it underpins our entire strategy.”

With more businesses moving towards outsourcing their recruitment, La Fosse Associates understands that its continued success lies in consultants who are able to advise as well as recruit. “To set the agenda for best practice, we need to ensure that every consultant has a depth of knowledge that will allow them to provide real value,” says David Roberts, Director of Contract Recruitment, explaining that this will enable consultants to make the move from a “service provider to a strategic partner”.