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Rum and reggae

Bringing a taste of the Caribbean to the UK, Turtle Bay serves its jerk chicken, goat curry and other traditional fare to more than one million customers every year at its network of more than 40 restaurants.

“Turtle Bay has embraced the opportunity to bring the Caribbean vibe to an increasing number of towns and cities across the UK,” says CEO Ajith Jayawickrema. “A huge part of the Turtle Bay experience is about the atmosphere in our restaurants. We create a positive, fun, happy ambience. It is all about capturing the heart and soul of the Caribbean through delicious food, tropical cocktails and an infectious reggae soundtrack.”

"Opportunities lie with adapting to the trends of lower sugar and the prevalence of vegan and vegetarian food" - Ajith Jayawickrema, CEO, Turtle Bay

The casual dining sector has been going through a tough time in the UK, with a number of high-profile operators closing some of their restaurants. For Turtle Bay, the trick has been to constantly engage with its customers to ensure the experience it offers matches what they are looking for.

“At Turtle Bay, we never stop listening to our customers and we work very hard to make sure that they have a truly memorable experience when visiting our restaurants,” says Ajith. “Social media has also been an extremely valuable way to engage with our customers. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram extensively. We also have our own Spotify playlists that allow our passion for music to be shared directly. With social media being so integral to what we do, that two-way conversation now allows diners to play a pivotal role in influencing the Turtle Bay experience.”

Looking forward, the evolution in British eating habits should provide the company with the chance to develop further. “Opportunities lie with adapting to the trends of lower sugar and the prevalence of vegan and vegetarian food,” says Ajith. “The hugely-competitive landscape is a constant challenge and differentiating the unique Turtle Bay experience is the real opportunity.”