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The art of pasta

Founded in 1912 in Campobasso, in southern Italy, La Molisana has been producing pasta for more than 100 years, inspiring generations of pasta makers in the process.

“Our four generations of milling experience, and the fact that we control the entire supply chain, has allowed us to perfect the art of pasta making,” explains Chief Executive Giuseppe Ferro who took over the historic firm in 2011, rescuing it from bankruptcy.

“Our product is made with the finest durum wheat, gently purified in our mill through the stone debranning process, and with Molise-certified pure water, which we use to knead our semolina.”

It’s this “natural paradise”, combined with state-of-the-art technologies, that offers the ideal conditions for the production of pasta, according to Giuseppe. “The result is a distinguished pasta – tasty, firm and bronze-drawn, considered amongst the highest quality in the world and 100% made in Italy.”

Since acquiring the business seven years ago, Giuseppe and the team have worked hard to improve the products’ quality-to-price ratio by focusing on the raw ingredients. That, and investments in technology, innovation and motivated employees, have resulted in significant growth.

“When we acquired the historical pasta factory in 2011, we were aware of the important responsibility of redeeming and recovering a traditional company like La Molisana,” he says.

Now Giuseppe and the team predict staff numbers to grow by 50% in the next five years.

“We accepted the challenge to acquire La Molisana because, in a wounded and suffering Italy, we dreamed of representing a virtuous example; one where determination, an ethical approach and an ambition to succeed, could overcome any negative scenarios.

So far, it’s working.”