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Labelled with love

Established in 1993, NiceLabel helps companies become more successful by digitally transforming their entire label printing and production process. Where traditionally companies relied on label or form design software, NiceLabel’s label management system reduces the hidden costs associated with this legacy approach to labelling. This enables companies to benefit from a leaner, more agile operation, respond faster to changing market conditions and get products to market more quickly.

“Digital transformation presents an enormous opportunity,” says CEO Chris Walsh, “and NiceLabel is in a great position to capitalise on that. We expect to double our workforce over the next five years.”

Finding the right people is both key to the company’s success and its biggest challenge, explains Chris: “While common drivers of success like market opportunity, a clear strategy and our leading technology platform have contributed to NiceLabel’s rapid growth, our diverse team is our most valuable asset.

“At the same time, one of the biggest challenges for any rapidly growing SME is talent acquisition. There is significant competition from larger enterprises, so we aim to create a stimulating, global environment where hard work is rewarded, innovation is valued and collaboration thrives.

“In addition, we strive to excel in offering our employees the best opportunities in career development, team building and work-life balance,” he says. With 135 people of 14 nationalities working in 11 countries, NiceLabel is clearly getting this right.

As for the future, Chris sees the labelling industry shifting from design software to label management systems. “It is important to be at the forefront of industry change when it happens,” he says.

Above all, Chris adds, the key to success is to “focus on creating value for your customers".