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Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Chorzów, southern Poland, Moto-Profil imports, stores, delivers and fits spare parts to cars throughout Poland and much of Europe.

“We used to say that Moto-Profil is a distributor of spare parts for cars,” explains Piotr Tochowicz, President of Moto-Profil. “However, over the last few years we’ve noticed that our activity has changed. We realised that selling a part is only half the service: the part must be delivered to the right place, at the right time, fitted, and then the car must be checked and the bill paid across the entire supply chain. That’s what we organise.”

This holistic approach is clearly working – Moto-Profil has grown steadily by 20–25% yearly and now employs around 850 people. Piotr attributes the company’s success to its firmly held values, which include partnership and loyalty, and its commitment to working fairly with like-minded businesses.

“We do not want to be a ‘big’ company,” says the Piotr. “We operate a light-touch management structure and have fast decision-making processes. We are flexible in how we work and have no heavy investments in outlets, stocks or properties.”

Piotr believes this agile nature will stand the firm in good stead as the car industry changes. “The way people use cars is changing from ownership to leasing, hiring and sharing. As a result, an increasing number of cars are in the hands of fleet operators and lease companies, which require different approaches when it comes to servicing,” he says.

“For fleet managers, a complete service must be delivered – that includes a car monitoring system and monthly bill. Parts, tyres, inspections, notifications, maintenance, repairs – this is what the manager expects and that’s what we offer. Our vision is to supply the necessary tools to help our customers grow.”