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A bug's life

Since opening its doors in 1999, Dutch mobility company Bugaboo has transformed the market for strollers, pushchairs and luggage.

“Bugaboo believes that freedom of movement is essential to truly experience feeling free,” explains Madeleen Klaasen, executive board member and Chief Marketing Officer for Bugaboo International.

“It is our daily drive to design multi-functional products that make it easy for people to go out and discover the world.”

As a result, Bugaboo’s products have become bestsellers the world over and are currently stocked in more than 50 countries. Around 1300 people work for the company in offices across Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, USA, France, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Shanghai – as well as in its Amsterdam HQ and the Bugaboo factory in Xiamen, China.

  • 1300 - Total number of people who work for Bugaboo, across 11 countries around the world

Madeleen believes that it’s Bugaboo’s commitment to breaking new ground that has guided the company through thick and thin.

“Like many companies, we had to face the 2008 financial crisis, but we stuck to our core belief: innovation as a key business driver,” explains the CMO. “We invested in a new product, the Bugaboo Donkey, which changed the game for us and resulted in double-digit growth numbers.”

Today, Bugaboo is stronger than ever and plans to grow its market share by intensifying consumer and trade marketing and updating its existing models. As ever, innovation remains at the heart of the business – not only within product design, but also in the company’s structure too.

“We are currently introducing a new digital systems backbone that will help us provide the best possible service for our customers,” says Madeleen.