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Digital-based market research and data analytics company YouGov has more than 10 million panellists globally who complete its surveys. Each day, the panel provides the company with millions of data points across a range of areas such as consumer attitudes, opinions and behaviours.

Established in 2000, YouGov is rapidly expanding and, to maintain this growth, the company places its employees as a high priority. “We have to build and develop our staff. At a senior level, we have made a series of strategic hires to evolve our management structure to help us achieve these ambitious growth plans,” says Stephan Shakespeare, CEO and co-founder of YouGov. “But doubling revenue and margins can only be achieved through harnessing the potential of all of our staff.”

YouGov joined AIM in 2005, and it has since helped the company in three specific ways, Stephan says. “Firstly, it helped us raise funds from the markets when we needed to. Secondly, it gave us an external measure of success, along with external reporting and feedback from investors. And thirdly, it provided that support without being overly onerous for the small, fast-growing company that we were.”

YouGov is not driven by short-term demands and can instead make long-term investment decisions, as it owns the capital in the company. “Not only do senior management hold notable shareholdings in the organisation, but we have also established a share purchase programme of up to one million shares,” explains Stephan.

The company also owns Crunch, a data tool that collects and processes data quickly and more efficiently, meaning that consumers can access and understand the data almost instantaneously. It also owns the YouGov Cube, which is a codified connected data library that holds over 200,000 variables on consumers globally, providing greater depth and richness to its audience data.