Company information

  • Sector: IT Technology  
  • Country: Italy
  • Revenue: €30M to €40M

Innovate to accumulate

With so many outfits pushing for dominance of a rapidly evolving global media industry, innovation is key to a company’s success. Vetrya, based in Italy, has that in spades. It specialises in the development of services and solutions on communication channels and digital media, and functions across myriad platforms: broadband networks, media asset management, mobile entertainment, digital advertising, internet television and more.

“Vetrya makes technological innovation its strong point,” says Luca Tomassini, CEO of the company, which boasts in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications and media market.

  • 30%  Amount by which CEO Luca Tomassini thinks the workforce needs to grow in next five years

Exponential demand for its services means the company is only likely to grow from here on out. A major area of expansion is in cloud technology, something the company is already invested in with its various cloud platforms and applications. “The group will continue to develop solutions, services and innovative cloud computing platforms by making a significant internationalisation of the operation,” Luca says. He thinks that manpower will need to increase by 30% in the next five years to support this growth.

Competition in the technology and communications sectors is fierce. “This has been overcome by dedicating significant investment to research and development, and to the innovation of solutions and services,” says Luca.

With major growth opportunities ahead as the digital and internet worlds become more diverse and sophisticated, Vetrya’s own expansion is likely to continue apace. The company will stay true to its original recipe for success, one that prides innovation and perseverance above all else.

“Since the beginning, we have always avoided thinking of exit strategies,” says Luca.