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  • Sector: Transport Services
  • Country: Spain
  • Revenue: €50M to €75M

Taking a toll

Across Europe, the number of tollbooths on major roads has grown exponentially in recent years. Goods are being transported across the continent, from town to town and country to country, at an ever-increasing rate, benefiting from heightened interconnectivity and the incorporation of new markets into the European Community.

“We are a service company for transport companies, mainly for servicing tolls, diesel and the recovery of taxes”

As a result, every truck carrying freight from one destination to another must be equipped with a unique device for paying different toll fees in different locations, and the wherewithal to do so. Toll payment now accounts for the second-highest expenditure for transport companies and Spain’s Vatservices both finances the costs of tolls and allows companies to have a greater degree of control over how they pay the fee.

“We are a service company for transport companies, mainly for servicing tolls, diesel and the recovery of taxes in Europe,” Vatservice’s CEO, Carlos Alfaro, explains. “We have a high awareness of the requirements of large Spanish transport companies and that allows us to help our clients in all their needs.”

The company’s importance to the industry in Spain is of great significance, given that Spain has high, and difficult to control, transport costs for agricultural exports in particular.

  • 2nd – Toll payment accounts for transport companies’ second-highest expenditure

The company has invested heavily in human capital and software development. As a result, all staff working for Vatservices hold expertise in the transport sector and have helped to develop a computing system to monitor the complex and expansive toll system in Europe. “This combination of employee specialism and the high computing component has enabled us to design products tailored to our clients that generate a high degree of satisfaction among them,” Carlos says, adding that it has an information service that monitors everything that happens in the world of transport throughout Europe. “We are not just a company that finances the costs of tolls. We allow transport companies to have greater control over what has become the second most important cost for them.”