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Power Wholesale started life as a family business in 1964 in a Gateshead shop selling small electrical items.

Today, it is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electrical products to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and renewable energy sectors in Britain and overseas.

The company’s list of clients is impressive. It includes AMEC, Balfour Beatty, Shell, OGN, SBM and Technip, among many others.

“We formed strong ties with manufacturers to represent their products within major projects – it proved a great success”

Managing Director Neil Cornish says the biggest factor in its success has been the dedication of employees and the management’s willingness to adapt to a changing business environment.

“During the recession in 2009, for example, the company formed a specialist project division, which has thrived, and we have focused on targeting clients that are heavily involved with the construction and maintenance of these big projects,” he says.

The strategy was clearly successful and turnover increased from £3.5m in 2008 to £12m in 2014. “One of the challenges was to overcome a perception that the company was just a small electrical wholesaler from Gateshead,” says Neil.

“We formed strong ties with manufacturers to represent their products within major projects. In return, they received a motivated workforce who were promoting their products.”

Neil believes the next five years will bring increased revenues and more staff.

  • £12m – The amount of turnover Power Wholesale reported in 2014, up from £3.5m in 2008

“We will focus on major projects within other sectors including biomass energy, wind farms and even nuclear power plants.” 

One of Neil’s bugbears is the UK’s policy of allowing North Sea platforms to be constructed overseas: “Countries like Brazil operate the policy that if you want to extract their oil ‘you build it in Brazil’. Why can’t we do the same?”