Company information

  • Sector: Creative
  • Region: Greater London
  • Revenue: £6m to £10m
  • Website:

Shifting perceptions

MCCGLC is an events and communications company that uses imaginative design, architecture, video and interactive technologies to create a powerful impact at events and exhibition stands.

Its clients include global brands such as Intel, for whom it creates communications and customer experience strategies to be displayed at international exhibitions, such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“You need other people’s energy and skills to complement your own”

Managing Director Matteo Console Camprini attributes the company’s success to “creativity, cultural diversity, youthful energy, commitment and passion for what we do”, but also says that differentiation is key.

“By differentiating what we do and expanding our client portfolio we are marking ourselves out as exceptional. By doing this we are also less exposed to tough economic conditions.”

When it comes to overcoming business challenges, Matteo says that being willing to evolve has been a key development for him.

“Accepting the change that is needed to grow – this is the most challenging aspect of being the head of an organisation,” he says. “You need to adapt to new environments and constantly shift your perception. It’s also crucial to accept that you need other people’s energy and skills to complement your own. This is often harder than we think it will be.”

  • 2005 – The year in which MCCGLC was established

Looking to the future, Matteo believes there are opportunities for big growth ahead.

“My ultimate goal is to grow to ten times bigger than we are now. I don’t know how long it will take, but I believe it is achievable.”

While he has great plans, Matteo believes small businesses should be given more help by the government.

“They should make it easier to deal with key markets like China and the US, and keep currency exchange rates under control to maintain strong export value for UK business.”