Company information

  • Website: www.lotusworks.com
  • Sector: Engineering
  • Country: Ireland
  • Revenue: €50M to €75M

Lotus flowering

With more than 4,000 projects under its belt, LotusWorks is an international engineering consultancy specialising in leading the builds and managing the early efficiency of major industrial facilities.

"The majority of our success in recent years can be attributed to delivering on projects that rely on our core strengths: owning and managing projects on major industrial facility builds," says CEO Fergal Broder. "However, increasingly, we are now securing work on major manufacturing sites once the facility is built."

"Increasingly we are securing work on manufacturing sites once the facility is built"

By specialising on builds while targeting clients in niche sectors, LotusWorks has shrewdly built a reliable backbone for business and given itself a huge potential for growth. This is a company which has grown steadily, incrementally and responsibly on the basis of merit – no mean feat in today’s market of inflammatory takeovers.

For more than 26 years, the company’s team of some 500 specialist engineers has worked to drive organisational efficiencies and increase the productivity of industrial facilities. Founded in Sligo, Ireland, they’ve since grown their business operations abroad, first to the UK and then beyond to the US.

This proved to be a defining move, and in 2013 LotusWorks was acquired by the American catering services conglomerate Aramark, which led to a doubling of the staff headcount in the USA last year.

  • 500 – The number of specialist engineers employed by LotusWorks

LotusWorks attributes this impressive acceleration to a leadership with an incisive awareness of strengths, and a deep understanding of client needs. This self-knowledge has lead to attracting and retaining the right talent – an endeavour considered critical to company growth. In fact, Fergal goes so far as to say, "It surpasses price pressure and rising costs as a barrier to our growth."

This particular barrier, however, doesn’t seem to have dented internal confidence in LotusWorks’ continued good fortune. In fact, the firm envisions a further workforce growth of 50% within the next five years – that would represent an impressive level of growth.