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Keeping the elderly independent

Four years ago, French product design firm Indépendence Royale launched a series of pioneering products to successfully address a universal social problem: independent living for elderly people.

“In 2012, we launched a walk-in shower system designed for elderly dependents,” explains CEO Dominique Boulbès. “Our product hit a sweet spot, and perfectly met nascent demand from an under-served market. This provided us with a stable platform for the rapid growth we’ve enjoyed since.”

The firm moved swiftly to establish business practices to maximise this early success. Dominique elaborates: “Our most significant challenge has been finding and exploiting effective marketing sources. We needed to be very open-minded about determining which lead generation strategies to commit to, but we succeeded through a lean approach – testing and iterating until we found an approach which worked.”

“We needed to be very open-minded about which lead generation strategies to commit to”

In fact, it is precisely this willingness to experiment that seems to have underpinned much of Indépendence Royale’s success. By looking intelligently at existing products serving the so-called Silver Economy, the company has rediscovered neglected opportunities ripe for updated solutions.

These openings have led to the products which complete the company portfolio: a massage mattress warmed by infrared and a range of ergonomic chair-lifts, among others.

  • 60% – Amount by which the company is aiming to grow its workforce over the next five years

Based on their powers of astute market analysis so far, Indépendence Royale is bullish about its prospects. Within five years it aims to grow its workforce by 60%. With a target of becoming the leading company in Europe creating solutions for elderly dependents wanting to remain at home in old age, an independent future suddenly seems much more secure.