Company information

  • Website:www.holaluz.com
  • Sector: Electricity utility
  • Country: Spain
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

Lighting the way

Holaluz.com began with a clear mission: to ease the normally strained relationship between electricity supplier and customer, whether that be small-to-medium-sized businesses or households. The first electricity utility in Spain to conduct all of its business online, Holaluz.com saw early on what many other companies are only now beginning to realise: that clear channels of communication are key to acquiring and retaining a loyal customer base.

"One of our key features is our daily effort to speak the same language as our customers," says Oriol Vila, CEO of Holaluz.com. "Historically, the relationship between electricity utilities and their clients in Spain has been rather cold and opaque. We have tried to change this reality and to solve their problems in a simple way."

  • 1st – Where Holaluz.com was placed in a 2013 survey of people looking to change their supplier

A 2013 campaign by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) to attract users interested in changing their electricity supplier saw Holaluz.com placed number one in a survey. Before long its customer base multiplied tenfold. "We knew we were a breath of fresh air in the electricity market and it was up to us to seize the opportunities we had," Oriol says. Although it operates in a semi-regulated sector that limits exactly how innovative companies can be, it has still managed to set itself apart from competitors.

Oriel says: "Our main challenge from the beginning was to change the paradigm of the relationship between customers and the electricity company, and I really think we’re on the way to doing that." Its commitment to renewable energy makes Holaluz.com a key player in what Oriol calls the "green transformation" already under way in Spain. "We bet on renewable energy since the very beginning, and it will continue to be like this because we want to be an active part of the deep transformation that our planet needs."