Company information

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  • Sector: Trade and supply of electricity
  • Country: Greece
  • Revenue: €50M to €75M

It’s Green, they say

Quality, originality and hard work – these are the keys to success for Green, the market-leading electrical energy company founded in 2009 in Piraeus, Greece.

“We launched the business in order to become an exemplary energy trading organisation that stands out in a competitive market,” explains Byron Vassiliades, Chairman at Green. “From that moment on, we’ve provided high quality services by international standards and achieved positions of financial prosperity and market leadership.”

Despite being just seven years old, Green is one of the first companies to provide energy from renewable sources in Greece – a feat achieved thanks to the experience and know-how of its management team.

“We launched the business to become an exemplary energy trading organisation”

“By working hard and by investing in our network and system, we’ve managed to be well informed and deal with every piece of information that affects prices in the market,” says Byron. “We can now offer very low prices and expand our business all over Europe.”

Today Green is the parent company to Green Energy Trading Doo Beograd in Serbia, Green Energy Trading Dooel in Macedonia and Green Energy Trading in Albania. Together the firms supply and trade electrical energy across Greece and southeastern Europe and work with more than 50 active partners, utilities and exchanges.

“We’re also active in the Greek retail electricity market,” adds Byron. “We provide electricity to households and have established ourselves as an excellent business partner to commercial and industrial consumers.”

Over the next five years, Byron hopes to increase this market share, and points to Green’s forecasted growth in trading quantities and trading activity in general – as well as further geographical expansion.

  • 50+ – Green has more than 50 active partners in Europe

A major priority for the firm is of course further investment in renewables. “We’re planning to invest in renewable energy sources and new technology, so that’s investments in our systems, energy storage, energy saving, energy management and smart meters,” says Byron.