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Going nuts about organic

As consumers become more attuned to the benefits of organic food, more and more companies are sprouting up across Europe which are seeking to capitalise on this growing trend. Yet for a handful, the emphasis on the merits of organic eating is nothing new. Damiano introduced its first range of organic almonds way back in 1976, little over a decade after its inception. It was a bold move at a time when the use of chemicals in agriculture was the norm among mainstream producers, and deviation from that would bring less profit in the short term.

“We were a pioneer in our market and we understood that working to the highest standard would create a benchmark for the industry as a whole,” says Riccardo Damiano, CEO of the Italian outfit.

  • 16 – Years since Damiano went totally organic

Fast-forward 40 years since its first dalliance with organic produce and the company now boasts more than 40 products, which are sold across the world – not just almonds, but hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts and pistachios. And since 2000, everything is organic. It has been able to match its growing popularity with expansion of the company itself, recording on average 30% growth each year, even through the tough financial crisis. The demand for good, healthy food, was not, it appears, altogether diminished by spiralling economies and unemployment levels.

As well as the direct human benefits of healthy eating, Riccardo is quick to point out the greater common good that develops on from changes to individual habits. “Organic food also has a sustainable impact on the environment: everybody should aim for that,” he says. Riccardo says love and respect for the rhythms of nature lie at the core of company beliefs. “Damiano’s philosophy matches these concepts with the realisation that good food and a cleaner planet go hand in hand.”