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Bureau van Dijk

Mark Schwerzel, Deputy CEO, Bureau van Dijk

“We strive to offer accurate and unbiased pictures of the companies, industries and sectors our users are interested in”

Research partner foreword

At Bureau van Dijk, we’re proud to be the source of the company information in this report. We’re renowned for products such as our flagship global database of 200 million private companies, Orbis, and our European companies database, Amadeus.

We source material from 140 information providers around the world and we add huge value to the raw data before we feed it into our products. Three key examples are standardisation, linking data sources, and our interface.

We aim to make comparisons between companies and across borders as simple as possible. So, when combining our disparate sources of private company data, we perform a number of ‘treatments’. Crucially, we have created a standardised account format that best reflects the many accounting procedures. Once financials are standardised, they can be compared and facilitate cross-border searching.

We also apply consistency to our non-financial fields, such as cross-referencing industry codes and providing company names in a number of languages and alphabets. The calculations behind the financial strength indicators we offer are weighted for local variations, and our records contain a range of unique company identifiers.

We combine and link company data with other information, aiming to find the right balance between giving you an intelligent tool that can accommodate different data regulations, and not over-complicating the user experience. By linking and standardising information from so many sources, we strive to offer accurate and unbiased pictures of the companies, industries and sectors our users are interested in.

Our interface, built with the latest programming techniques, helps users create complex searches and analysis, while being easy to use.

We have a number of visualisation tools. Topical, but always crucial for compliance and M&A, are those that show corporate ownership structures. Our interface makes these complicated (and occasionally deliberately hidden) structures clear, so users can easily trace global ultimate owners, as well as beneficial owners according to their own percentage thresholds.

To see all of our many other benefits and find out about our free trial scheme, please visit www.bvdinfo.com or email bvd@bvdinfo.com.

Mark Schwerzel, Deputy CEO, Bureau van Dijk