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Rega Research


Specialist hi-fi manufacturer Rega has come a long way since its inception 40 years ago. It was once a one-man operation where Roy Gandy, then a technical editor for Ford, spent his free time installing friends’ hi-fi equipment and building loudspeakers to sell.

Today, the business exports to nearly 40 different countries and produces an average of 2,000 turntables each month. Each product is carefully assembled by hand and 90% of components are sourced from the UK. 

“We have now achieved a self-supporting and financially stable level, which is all we ever wanted to achieve”

Phil Freeman, CEO, Rega

Rega CEO Phil Freeman believes the company owes its success to a series of simple, unique and long-lasting designs. “This, combined with great-value musical performance, gives our products the edge,” he says.

While keeping on top of trends is key for many technology businesses, Rega actively chooses not to follow industry changes, and instead sticks to what it knows. “It is important to recognise your strengths and not blindly follow fashions,” Phil explains.

That said, the company constantly looks for ways to improve its existing range of products and develop new ones. The recent resurgence of vinyl products, for instance, pushed Rega to create a range of new turntables – a venture that wasn’t without its challenges.

  • 2,000 turntables are produced by Rega, on average, each month

“Our main problem has been supplying our products on time, due to the extreme growth in demand,” Phil says. “It may seem like a nice problem, but it’s as serious as any other problem we have faced over the past five years. We have made huge investments in people and infrastructure, continually reinvesting any profit back into the company in order to improve our performance and safeguard our future.”

So, what’s next for Rega? “We have now achieved a self-supporting and financially stable level, which is all we ever wanted to achieve,” says Phil. “This creates job security and gives us the ability to reinvest in new designs and equipment to make us even more efficient.”

  • Sector: Electronic Manufacturing
  • Region: Southend-on-Sea