First Derivatives

First Derivatives

Big profits in big data

First Derivatives has been providing IT consultancy to the leading global investment banks for 18 years but it has recently gained a reputation as a frontrunner in one of the world’s most important emerging technology markets: big data.

The company’s database software, developed for use in capital markets – the most challenging of all the big data sectors – has been independently verified as the fastest and most efficient software when it comes to handling large volumes of data in real time. As a result, First Derivatives is experiencing demand from a range of new sectors, including marketing, utilities, telecoms and pharma.

  • 1,100 – First Derivatives’ headcount – up from 233 in 2009

“We have built our reputation within capital markets through both deep domain knowledge and a focus on the systems that matter most to our clients,” says Founder and CEO Brian Conlon. The group plans to maintain, if not increase, a pace of recruitment that has seen its headcount mushroom from just 233 people in 2009 to 1,100 today.