Looking out for the little guy

Arbuthnot serves two very different customer segments via its two subsidiaries: private banking and wealth management through Arbuthnot Latham, and the retail sector through Secure Trust Bank.

Arbuthnot Latham consists of four core elements – private banking, wealth management, financial planning and investment management services.

Secure Trust Bank’s core business is to provide banking services, including a range of lending solutions and deposits. It also provides fee-based current accounts to UK customers who may not be served adequately by other banks. It has recently entered the commercial finance and SME lending business markets.   

Despite the financial crisis, Arbuthnot Latham has grown its business and expanded its footprint by opening new offices in Manchester and Dubai, alongside its existing offices in London and Exeter.   

  • Arbuthnot Latham’s subsidiary, Secure Trust Bank, was separately listed on AIM in November 2011

Secure Trust, meanwhile, was separately listed on AIM in November 2011, the first successful listing of a bank on London Stock Exchange for a number of years.

Henry Angest, Chairman and Chief Executive of the group, attributes the fact that neither subsidiary was adversely affected by the crash to the group’s “conservative philosophy”. “Critical for the survival of a small bank was its positioning before the crisis,” he says. “Not being exuberant, not going out on a limb. In short, being a boring bank.”

With hindsight, Arbuthnot considers it had a “good crisis” and continues to conduct business in “a prudent and sensible fashion”.