The Foundry

The Foundry

Clear vision

The Foundry makes software that enables artists and designers to create high-end visuals for media production. “Almost every major studio uses our solutions for media production,” says CEO Bill Collis. “Our offerings for the product design market are revolutionising the workflow for some of the biggest fashion and automotive brands in the world.”

Bill attributes this success to passion. “For businesses starting out, or any business for that matter, if it’s simply about making money, you’ll lose interest and drive,” he says.  

In 2012, The Foundry merged with California-based Luxology, a move that resulted in a huge change for both businesses. “The size, complexity and product portfolio of our business greatly increased, requiring integration and expansion in every part of the company... it sure was hard work,” says Bill. However, the results speak for themselves: The Foundry has entered the design market and is now part of a large, well-connected and globally distributed workforce. Bill says: “As a result, we’ve become smarter about the way we communicate and more willing to increase the places around the world where we build offices.”

  • 2012 – The Foundry merged with California-based business Luxology

Looking ahead, the UK needs to concentrate on being a source of talent and a happy home for a digital workforce, says Bill. “We need a focus on training for the right digital skills, solid infrastructure and working practices, and technologies that enable a digital generation.”