The leadership team

The marketplace changes at a rapid pace and we strive to remain competitive, adapt to change and catalyst innovation for the future. As part of this continued effort, we have created a new management team supporting our technology businesses.

Nigel Cairns
General Manager, LSEG Technology

Nigel was appointed to this role in September 2016. With more than 20 years’ experience in the financial markets industry, he has a strong track record in leading and growing risk software companies. These include Canada’s QuIC Financial Technologies Inc, where he served as CEO from 2003, and Markit, where he took the role of Managing Director, Global Head of Risk Analytics and portfolio Valuations following the company’s acquisition of QuIC in 2010. Prior to joining LSEG, Nigel ran his own advisory partnership working with disruptive fintechs on their go-to-market, capital raising and acquisition strategies.

Hugh Richards
Head of Product and Solutions Management, LSEG Technology

Hugh is former CTO of derivatives clearing organization NetOTC, having held other senior product leadership roles at QuIC Financial Technologies Inc, Selkirk (now Thomson Reuters) and Infinity (now SunGard). Prior to LSEG Technology, Hugh also led large risk innovation programmes at a number of top and second tier banks. He brings more than 20 years of experience in investment banking, vendor management and complex banking programmes.

Tony Coppellotti
Head of Delivery, LSEG Technology

Tony started his career at NatWest Markets where he ran Interest Rate Derviatives Technology and was CIO for Asia-Pacific based in Hong Kong. Subsequently he worked in various start-ups before joining QuIC Technologies Inc in Canada as CTO. More recently he held senior technology positions at Deutsche Bank and Misys before co-founding an advisory partnership in the fintech industry.

Antonio Caroselli
Chairman, Gatelab

Antonio co-founded the Gatelab business in 1989. Prior to this he worked on artificial intelligence as applied to banking, before moving into the finance arena to design latency sensitive systems leveraging SW and HW programming techniques. Antonio gained a degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome in 1984, writing his thesis on enriched entity-relationship models implemented using the Oracle database.

Nando La Posta
CEO, Gatelab

Nando co-founded the Gatelab business in 1989 and served as its Managing Director from 1989 to 2012, focusing on banking and finance. Previously he had held senior positions at Italtel R & D for VOIP and Speech Recognition projects (1986-89) and at Olivetti R & D, USA and Italy, for Operating System development (1979-86). Nando holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from Politecnico of Naples, University Federico Secundo (1979). 

Ed Rainer
Head of Operations, LSEG Technology

Ed was formerly Group Product Manager responsible for real-time information services at LSEG. He oversaw numerous change initiatives including the Group Ticker plant programme and the migration of Group markets to MilleniumIT technology. Prior to spending eight years in this role, Ed worked in corporate delivery for Lehman Brothers Investment Bank. He holds a BSc in Management with ICT from the University of York.