2022 Q1 analyst consensus and results webcast details

2022 Q1 analyst consensus and results webcast details

LSEG plc will release its Q1 2022 Trading Statement on 27 April 2022 at 07:00am UK time via RNS

£m 2022 Q1
Revenue Consensus Low High
Trading & Banking solutions 374 365 381
Enterprise Data solutions 297 293 301
Investment solutions 303 297 311
Wealth solutions 66 63 75
Customer & Third-Party Risk 96 93 102
Data & Analytics 1,137 1,127 1,154
Equities 65 60 74
FX 60 58 61
Fixed income, derivatives & other 223 215 234
Capital Markets 348 336 360
OTC Derivatives 98 94 105
Securities & Reporting 65 62 68
Non-Cash Collateral 25 24 26
Post Trade 189 180 196
NTI 54 49 60
Post Trade income 243 234 252
Other 7 - 10
Total Income (excl. recoveries) 1,735 1,717 1,752
Recoveries 89 86 92
Total Income (incl. recoveries) 1,824 1,808 1,841
Cost of Sales (231) (240) (210)
Gross Profit 1,593 1,575 1,604

Sources and bases:

Consensus has been compiled from financial estimates (models) provided by third-party research analysts. Models which include material errors in calculation have been excluded. Consensus is based on 12 analyst models updated and published since LSEG's 2021 preliminary results (issued 3 March 2022) on a consistent basis.

Please note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding London Stock Exchange Group performance made by the contributing analysts to the above consensus are theirs alone and are not endorsed by the company.

Q1 analyst and investor conference call details:

The Group will host a presentation and conference call on its Q1 Trading Statement for analysts and institutional shareholders on 27 April at 08:30am (UK time). On the call will be David Schwimmer (Chief Executive Officer), Anna Manz (Chief Financial Officer) and Paul Froud (Group Head of Investor Relations).

To access the telephone conference call or audio-only webcast please register in advance using the following link and instructions below:


  • If you wish to participate in Q&A, questions can be submitted by clicking the 'Ask a question button' on the page or by emailing the LSEG Investor Relations team at ir@lseg.com. Questions can be submitted in advance and during the event itself.

  • If you wish to ask a question live, you will need to register for the telephone conference call here: https://cossprereg.btci.com/prereg/key.process?key=PQ6N49EQ8

  • NOTE: Once you have registered for the conference call, you will be provided with the information you need to join the conference, including dial-in numbers and passcodes. Please save this information to your calendar or print this information.

For further information, please email the Group’s Investor Relations team at ir@lseg.com.