Norwegian Equity Derivatives

  • Norwegian Equity Derivatives

London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) and Oslo Børs linked order Book

LSEDM and Oslo Børs work together to operate the only fully fungible equity derivatives market in Europe.

The fully linked trading and clearing model enables members of LSEDM to trade the Norwegian equity derivatives market within the same order book as Norway’s Oslo Børs members  in a seamless process.

The centralised order book is hosted in London Stock Exchange’s primary data centre, and each trade is fully backed by Central Counterparty Clearing. For LSEDM members this is LCH Clearnet Ltd, while for Oslo Børs members, this is Six x-clear.

Products available on the linked order book are

  • OBX and OBOSX Index futures and options
  • Norwegian single stock futures and options

Product list available here

LSEDM does apply Oslo Børs Rules to Norwegian products. The Oslo Børs Rule book is available here

Trading Hours

Norwegian stocks Open Close
Trading 08:00 15:20
Trade reporting 07:30 16:00

All times shown are London times

Expiry Cycles

Contract lifetimes and Expiration Months*

Normal Long AD (100% dividend adjusted)

3 month contract, listed monthly

12 month contract, listed quarterly

3 month contract, listed monthly

12 contract, listed quarterly

24 month contract, listed semi-annually

3 month contract, listed monthly

6 month contract, listed quarterly

Listing months:

-  3 months terms: Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov

-  6 and 12 months terms: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

-  24 months terms : Jun, Dec

* Additional maturities may be listed, subject to Oslo Børs’ assessment.