Meet Jill

Meet Jill

  • Studied Finance at University of North Carolina Wilmington 
  • Joined the Fort Mill office in September 2019

"I began my journey at LSEG as an intern in the Data and Analytics Division. I was able to learn a lot, but the time went really fast so I was glad to return as a grad the following year.

"I chose LSEG’s Graduate Programme because while I knew I wanted to work in finance, I wasn’t sure exactly which area I’d like to settle in. Being able to do rotations has really helped with this and I have learned so much more than I ever could have in just one department.

"My first rotation was in Sustainable Investment Data Operations. Sustainable Investment is becoming increasingly important here at LSEG and across the financial world as a whole. I learned about the different sustainable investment indexes that LSEG offers, the criteria for including companies within those indexes and the different types of data that are used to determine their inclusion, such as climate data, carbon data and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) data.

"In my second rotation, in the Market Data department of Data and Analytics, I’ve been focused on the different data providers that LSEG uses, the types of third party data LSEG is buying and how that data is being used across the Group. I've been able to assist with reviewing different market data agreements and coordinating with the legal team to put contracts into place.

"In both rotations I’ve found my colleagues to be extremely helpful and willing to share their knowledge – especially when they learn that you’re a grad. LSEG plays such an important role across the financial industry, which means that you can gain a really broad exposure just by speaking to different people and there’s always something new to learn."