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Unlocking the value of LSEG for corporate treasury

Andrew Hollins

Director of Corporate Treasury Proposition, Refinitiv

Refinitiv, an LSEG business, together with partners IBSFINtech, Billboard TFX and Finmechanics has developed a holistic suite of solutions and capabilities to support corporate treasurers at every stage of the treasury function.

  1. Refinitiv, an LSEG business, has partnered with a range of agile players in the corporate treasury space.
  2. The comprehensive solutions we now offer leverage modern technology stacks and seamless integration to support clients across all segments of the treasury workflow.
  3. Our holistic offering now includes the combined capabilities of Refinitiv, LSEG and three new strategic partners.

Creating agile partnerships

As a leading provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, Refinitiv, an LSEG business, has partnered with a select group of agile players in the corporate treasury space to develop a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled corporate treasury solutions.

The result is an innovative suite of tools, software and services designed to help corporate treasurers optimise decision-making and maximise operational efficiencies.

IBSFINtech is India’s leading player in enterprise TreasuryTech solutions.

The firm partnered with Refinitiv in 2021 to launch cloud-based, automated treasury management solution, InTReaX®, which is focussed on cash and liquidity, currency risk management and hedge accounting. The solution has proven capabilities to facilitate the CFO’s office by enhancing visibility, transparency, and control; mitigating operational risk; and improving business efficiency.

CM Grover, Managing Director & CEO, IBSFINtech, said: “As the global business landscape continues to remain volatile, reinforcing the critical and strategic corporate treasury function with technology-backed robust solution has never been more important.

“This collaboration between LSEG and IBSFINtech will unleash massive opportunities of digital transformation in this excel-dominated space. We have joined forces to target this untapped market globally and provide comprehensive treasury management solutions for corporates in a holistic manner with Refinitiv (LSEG) as our global partner.”

Refinitiv has also partnered with a digital supply chain finance platform, Billboard TFX – now fully integrated into the Refinitiv Eikon desktop.

The solution connects buyers and suppliers and helps them optimise their working capital by listing and transacting Payables and Receivables, automated Early Payment Discounting and extensions to Days Payable Outstanding.

James Chan, CEO, Billboard TFX said: “Now more than ever, efficient working capital management is critical for corporate treasury. Through the LSEG network, we provide a fully integrated digital solution to drive efficiency in workflows, and ultimately unlock cash trapped in supply chains.”

A further strategic partnership with Finmechanics, a software and services provider with substantial risk management capabilities and enterprise-level solutions, completes the enhanced corporate treasury offering from Refinitiv and LSEG.

Anindya Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, Finmechanics, said: “The Corporate Treasury Risk application from Finmechanics, delivered through the Eikon Desktop and powered by Refinitiv market data, provides corporate treasurers with increased accuracy and transparency in valuations and cashflow forecasting.

“The application is a powerful tool for treasurers to mitigate enterprise risk, comply with financial reporting requirements and meet evolving regulatory demands.”

Unpacking the end-to-end needs of the treasury workflow

The comprehensive solutions we now offer leverage modern technology stacks and seamless integration to support clients across all segments of the treasury workflow, including:

Cash management

The cash management function – including managing accounts payable and receivable flows, currency exposures, cash balances and loan repayments – is crucial to the treasury function.

Market monitoring and pre-trade analysis

Corporate treasury professionals active in market monitoring and pre-trade analysis need full visibility of all market risks, as well as access to pre-trade analysis and decision support tools.


Managing cash flow gaps, credit facilities, loans and liquidity, as well as mitigating interest rate and funding risk are all priorities for treasury professionals focussed on optimising funding.


Corporate treasury professionals in the investment arena must ensure that they make the most effective, risk-based decisions when deploying surpluses and must develop strategies that maximise returns on both short- and long-term investments.


Corporate treasurers also need support relating to a wide range of transactions, from factoring to FX, IR and ESG hedging.

Risk management and hedging

Professionals focused on risk management and hedging strategies must ensure that they have full visibility of the different risks within their portfolios. This includes running all necessary mark-to-market, P&L and Value at Risk (VaR) reports; ensuring IFRS9 compliance; conducting XVA analysis; developing risk management scenarios; and more.


As ESG considerations continue to grow in global popularity, corporate treasurers need to embed ESG-related data, tools and insights into treasury processes. Our solutions enable our clients to review ESG scores for suppliers, banks, clients and competitors; monitor reputational risk relating to financing, capital raising and investing; and meet reporting requirements, such as Scope 3 emissions reporting.

A screenshot is showing the home page for Corporate Treasury in Refinitiv Eikon, where users can access information and insights on market monitoring, funding, investments, liquidity, risk management, hedging, and ESG within the ‘CORPT’ app.

Treasurers can access comprehensive information and valuable insights on market monitoring, funding, investments, liquidity, risk management, hedging, and ESG with the ‘CORPT’ app in Refinitiv Eikon.

Delivering holistic corporate treasury solutions

Refinitiv’s market-leading solutions, including Eikon and FXall, fully integrate with parent company LSEG’s range of services, including:

  • Issuer Services, the digital hub for London Stock Exchange issuers, deliver a wide range of solutions dedicated to serving public companies and their investors.
  • The Sustainable Bond Market, is dedicated to supporting innovative issuers in sustainable finance, and improving access, flexibility and transparency for investors.

The new partnerships outlined above complement and enhance these Refinitiv and LSEG solutions by bringing additional capabilities and tools to the table, enabling us to deliver holistic, end-to-end treasury management capabilities.

Part of an open technology ecosystem, our solutions can be integrated to enhance and complement existing client infrastructure, or can be fully deployed to meet the end-to-end treasury needs of our clients. We offer the flexibility to input both market and proprietary data, enabling users to make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

The formidable synergies between Refinitiv's data and technology capabilities and LSEG's reputation and reach, combined with the addition of innovative, agile capabilities from IBSFlNtech, Billboard TFX and Finmechanics have resulted in a substantially enhanced corporate treasury offering. We are excited about future developments in this space and will continue to expand our offering to support corporate treasurers at every stage of the treasury function

Andrew Hollins

Director of Corporate Treasury Solutions, Refinitiv

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