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Data, technology and tools that help sales and trading teams improve their pre-trade analysis, enhance productivity and prospecting, and deliver key insights to clients.

In today’s uncertain global markets, sales and trading teams are facing a number of challenges. They need to access liquidity, source robust data, find insightful analytics, grow customer flows and meet compliance obligations to remain competitive.

In this environment, sales and trading teams need to know that the data, technology and services they are engaging with are high quality and deliver increased efficiency. Working with a single, trusted partner to support various use cases across the front, middle and back offices can boost competitiveness, reduce costs and create a more connected approach across the enterprise.

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Modern and powerful tools for sales and trading professionals

LSEG is unique in its ability to deliver across the whole sales and trading lifecycle, from prospecting for clients to managing post-trade processes. Leverage trading venues, market and reference data, data science solutions, research tools, end-to-end platforms and more.

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