LSEG Workspace for sales and traders

When you need timely, relevant trading cues at a moment’s notice, LSEG Workspace delivers a unique and highly customisable workflow solution. Know first, so you can act first – in the office or while on the go.

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What is LSEG Workspace?

Your next-generation workflow solution 

In a rapidly evolving market with an ever-increasing volume of information, it’s critical to create competitive advantage and spot unique opportunities.

Designed with the future of trading in mind, you can access a comprehensive range of financial data, news and analytics via Workspace, giving you deep understanding of the markets – all in a highly customised experience.

With cutting-edge web technology that is fast and light, it seamlessly syncs across desktop, web, mobile and tablet, allowing you to work at any time, from anywhere.

Who is Workspace for?

Whatever the asset class, we’ve got you covered.

Experience Workspace for unmatched content across all asset classes, from equities and fixed income to commodities. You can seamlessly integrate proprietary and third-party tools for a fully tailored trading experience thanks to Workspace’s open and interoperable features.

Central banks

Understand how markets are interacting with unmatched data, charting and analytics – all in a next-generation workflow tool.


Generate deep insights on commodity fundamentals and trading prices with our bespoke solution.

Corporate treasury

Build a 360-degree view on market monitoring, funding, investments, liquidity, risk management and hedging, and ESG.


Stay a step ahead with powerful trade monitoring, market-share analysis and liquidity search tools.


Access powerful end-to-end foreign exchange workflow capabilities.

Fixed income

Trade smarter with unrivalled access to pricing and consolidated pricing data.

Why LSEG Workspace?

A step-change in user experience

Scalable, powerful analytics

Explore how Workspace is built on a platform for innovation. Leverage proprietary tools LSEG StarMine and MarketPsych, as well as comprehensive ‘out-of-the-box’ calculators that improve precision and flexibility to trade.

Intelligent search and previews

Discover Workspace’s Smart Search feature that is powered by structured and natural language processing. The more you use it, the more it personalises your experience by instantly surfacing highly relevant results – even before you’ve finished typing.

Always in sync, even while on the move 

At your kitchen table, desk or virtual office – no matter where you are – Workspace seamlessly syncs across all your devices. Our new mobile app, available in iOS and Android, is designed and built to deliver an intuitive and superior user experience.

Workspace technical specifications and installation instructions

Workspace is designed to work with the latest supported browsers and versions of Windows and macOS.

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