economic data with global coverage

Datastream and macroeconomics

Enhance your workflows with automated tools resulting in greater accuracy and scale. Leverage the world’s largest repository of economic and financial time series data - from macro views to micro detail - combined with Datastream’s industry-leading charting, analytics and predictive tools to make more informed decisions.

Machine-readable formats to generate signal and sentiment

Geopolitics. Economic crises. Climate change. Financial firms, corporates and governments need to be laser-focused tracking and understanding the impact of fast-moving macroeconomic events to be able to identify opportunity or manage risk.

On the other hand, advanced technologies like natural language processing, machine learning and cloud computing are driving even greater expectations of acute specialisation of data forecasting and scenario modelling within pressing time constraints.

LSEG’s comprehensive global data coverage, industry-leading analytics and intuitive Datastream charting capabilities enable you analyse and understand the intricate, interconnected threads of the $94 trillion world economy to create winning predictive and actionable investment & trading narratives more efficiently.

Featured chart powered by Datastream 

Chart showing the evolution of Crude Oil Brent Forties (BFO) in the 2000-2022 interval powered by Datastream

Features & benefits

Meeting your workflow demands, wherever you are

Whether you’re looking to generate alpha, conduct research and back-test investment ideas, support programmatic trading and modelling or ensure greater financial stability – our economics solution addresses your workflow needs.

Market leading coverage that matches your workflows

Access to exclusive, differentiated and specialist data – historical or real-time – with aggregation, data lineage and accuracy to help create more informed investment narratives.

Charting automation to drive greater efficiencies

Leverage automation through the Datastream chart Office add-in to create presentation quality reports, via an automated update schedule.

Greater convenience working with standardised data

Flexible delivery via LSEG Workspace & Excel, APIs and bulk files. Access our full breadth of content through partner applications such as Matlab and EViews and industry standard programmatic access via R and Python.

  • 17m
    Economic time series indicators
  • 2,000+
    Reuters Polls consensus forecasts and individual forecast contributor data
  • 215+
  • 120+
    years of history

Data sources

Our unrivalled range and depth of data in action

Data, context and information seldom exist in isolation. Expand your research by accessing our market-leading economics database of record, with exclusive financial forecast data and related analytics.

Our capabilities

Gain an added advantage with these features

Powerful predictive data and analytics

Aim to beat the consensus forecast and predict the size and direction of an economic surprise with predictive analytics from StarMine SmartEconomics Forecast which combines the breadth of economic data from LSEG Economics and Reuters Polls with the market-leading analytical tools of LSEG Datastream.

Charting with confidence

Turn your ideas and support your research by visualising your output with our powerful charting toolkit in LSEG Datastream, and automatically publish your presentations via its Microsoft Office integration. 



Identify trends, generate and test hypotheses, and develop viewpoints and research. Loaded with 120 years of information, Datastream is the world’s most comprehensive financial time series database.

Starmine Awards for Reuters Polls from LSEG

Forecaster Awards from StarMine

The LSEG StarMine Awards for economic indicators and foreign exchange rates recognises the firms and forecasters who provide the most accurate predictions for economic data releases and FX Rates in the Reuters Polls during a calendar year.

More about StarMine Forecaster Awards

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