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Real-Time – Ultra Direct

Benefit from proven technology and a minimal footprint with our ultra-low-latency market data feed handlers. LSEG Real-Time – Ultra Direct provides you with comprehensive features and high performance for your low-latency market data needs.

Our lowest latency to give you the edge

Use our lowest latency feed handler for processing real-time or historical market data. With included libraries to power an array of applications, Real-Time – Ultra Direct offers a suite of easy-to-use tools for capture, normalisation and book-building.

You will also benefit from our deep understanding of the market data space and broad expertise in market data processing. You will have lower costs, improved decision-making and better performance.

Features & benefits

How Real-Time – Ultra Direct gives you the edge

Configurable feed handler libraries

Real-Time – Ultra Direct’s libraries let you power applications built in C++, Java or Python with real-time market data delivered as raw PCAP, normalised or formatted for book-building.

Normalised real-time data

Capture real-time data for future processing and transform raw PCAPs into normalised data formats.

Lossless data

Monitors packet capture to detect any gaps and ensures lossless data.

End-to-end feed processing

Real-Time – Ultra Direct helps you ensure data quality by supporting arbitration across data feeds and exchange provided recovery mechanisms so you can leverage the best data source for each venue or consolidate across venues to construct the exact state of an order book.

Historical data processing

Single software solution to process real-time data and historical PCAP data. Use Real-Time Ultra Direct on your own historical PCAP data or our global, cross-asset class data, LSEG Tick History – PCAP in the cloud or on-premises.

Flexibility at a lower total cost

Real-Time – Ultra Direct runs on standard hardware, simplifying change management and reducing TCO.

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