Sanctions screening

Access quality, relevant risk intelligence sanctions-screening data to help you meet your regulatory obligations quickly and efficiently.

Sanctions are protective restrictive measures, such as an asset freeze or block, investment or travel ban, financial sanctions, arms and trade embargoes.

There are varying sanctions types including: explicit sanctions, where the subject is named; narrative or implicit sanctions, which don’t specifically name an individual or company but extend to entities covered by a narrative statement on a sanctions programme due to their connections to the main sanctioned entity; and sectoral sanctions. Sanctions can be applied against but not limited to a country, entity, individual, organisation and vessel.

Sanctions are our highest priority and receive dedicated attention, major sanctions lists (OFAC, EU, UN) are monitored and covered on a 24/7/365 basis. We have 500+ researchers situated in 240 countries and territories on five continents, 90+% speaking two or more languages. There are currently 57,000+ active sanctions records across 300+ sanction programmes as part of the World-Check sanctions-screening coverage.

We monitor 10,000+ global information resource lists, 900+ sanction, regulatory, law enforcement lists and 5,900+ official/government sites and we add 50,000+ new records monthly.

What is sanctions screening?

What is sanction screening

Sanction compliance poses a challenge to organisations as not only is it an ever-changing landscape, but there is no finite sanctions list to follow and organisations must nevertheless ensure that they do not transact with any blocked entity. 

Screening for sanctions risk is a mandatory requirement for regulated entities across all sectors and is a critical step in the know your customer or KYC process. Moreover, penalties for breaching sanctions can be severe. In 2021 the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control meted out fines amounting to over US $20 million, 10 of the 20 penalties were levied at corporates. In 2020 the penalties amounted to US $23 million and only two were financial institutions.

Ensuring your organisation has a robust sanctions-screening programme in place is essential. Access to comprehensive and accurate sanctions risk data is therefore critical. 

Our solution

Need help to comply with the stringent sanction regulations? 

Our suite of solutions provide everything you need to help you stay compliant in an evolving sanctions landscape. Access accurate sanctions data, view detailed insights and background check reports, and stay up to date on any changes with our monitoring capabilities.


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Discover the benefits of working with us for your sanctions compliance.

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Reliable intelligence

We follow the most stringent guidelines for research methodology and inclusion criteria – applying rigorous quality control.

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Up-to-date information

With research centers on all five continents, we provide around-the-clock monitoring of sanction lists, regulatory and enforcement lists, as well as thousands of reliable media sources, so you have accurate and up-to-date information.


Targeted screening

Hundreds of specific keywords for our data help you filter and drill down for focused screening and reduce false positives.

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