LSEG Due Diligence

LSEG Due Diligence Reports

We offer a range of due diligence reports that follow an investigation into a subject’s background, financial and reputational standing. Our reports are designed to enable you to make critical decisions around your business partnerships.

  • Cost effective due diligence.
  • Turnaround times that are clear, predictable and adhered to.
  • Global coverage, enhanced by local knowledge.
  • Simplicity and security – online ordering and delivery options via online user interface and API.

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Why choose LSEG Due Diligence Reports?

It is important that you have confidence in your decisions to engage with, partner or operate alongside other entities, and for that you need accurate information you can trust, understand, and act upon. 

That’s why LSEG Due Diligence reports leverage our unrivalled propriety and partner data, and global network of human expertise to provide deep insight that can help you pinpoint risk and provide protection from potential regulatory, reputational and financial damage.

Our due diligence reports are designed to provide deep intelligence, tailored to your use-case and situation - whether you require quick, affordable data-driven reports that deliver essential information on more entities, or detailed integrity and advanced background on known high-risk customers, vendors or business interests.

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Features and Benefits

What you get with our due diligence reports


Powerful insight

Our reports leverage LSEG's unrivalled proprietary and partner data to deliver intelligence for a range of use cases.

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Human expertise

With over 500 analysts, speaking 65 languages and enabled by LSEG data, we deliver unique insight with speed and quality.​


Quick turnaround​

With AI powered tools and knowledge management, we enable our researchers to spend less time searching and more time analysing, resulting in more precise and faster process.​


AI and human enabled

We provide modernised, data oriented reports that deliver clear insights, whilst also being machine readable.

Due diligence in action

See how our due diligence research works

Media research - Our trained bi-or tri-lingual analysts conduct extensive internet research and check multiple LSEG and external databases as well as news aggregators. Research can be conducted on the name provided by the client and on any possible variations. ​

Litigation checks - Our coverage goes beyond aggregators, drilling down to county level and manual searches with analysis of legal documents conducted by experienced local analysts. Complex court cases are analysed and a summary of different levels of appeal is included in a comprehensive summary. ​

Business intelligence - Our comprehensive network of sources enables us to access original insights not available through the public domain (provided that the applicable law permits), giving you a crucial competitive advantage. We have an extensive global network of vetted in-country resources specialising in different industries.​

Ultimate beneficial ownership - When identifying ultimate beneficial owners, we follow ownership structures through multiple levels using the most current data available. The main source of UBO information is official registries, however our research goes further to include stock exchange information, proprietary databases, media and the internet, to complement official registry checks. 

Report types

Reports that are tailored to your requirements

  • Your business, its associations, and its organisational structure are unique - so no due diligence investigation is ever the same. Our experienced team of specialists are on hand to advise you on the most appropriate solution based on your specific needs.

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  • We are committed to principles of integrity and accountability and so we use only ethical and non-intrusive research methods. Subjects aren’t aware when we carry out an investigation, and we never misrepresent our activities. In addition, we have a dedicated risk and control team performing regular audits of the service and external accreditation to ISAE 3000 standard by PwC.

  • Yes - our due diligence ordering portal integrates seamlessly with existing applications and offers secure ordering and case tracking, with 24/7 access. The portal is also available via our dedicated API, which offers direct connection for a simplified and streamlined experience. Our API functionality includes risk tables to summarise due diligence findings. 

  • Yes - instead of ordering due diligence reports on an ad hoc basis, you can also purchase a points package and select an invoicing plan that best suits your budget. The points included in each package provide for a set number of due diligence reports which can be ordered when needed. Each package also includes bonus points and any points not used are carried over to the next subscription without penalty. Users therefore benefit from a significant volume discount as well as a streamlined ordering and invoicing process.

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