Due diligence

Third-party due diligence

Specialised due diligence reports to help you understand who you are doing business with and whether you are exposed to third-party risks.

All companies use third parties, whether they supply you with goods and services, move your products to market or expand your channels to customers. 

These third parties can undoubtedly bring exceptional benefits to your organisation, but at the same time they can expose you to a host of potential risks and challenges.

What is third-party due diligence?

Any person or organisation that is connected to your supply chain or is executing business on your organisation’s behalf such as a supplier, distributor, agent and/or partner can potentially expose you to unknown third-party risk.

Third-party due diligence refers to assessment of these third-parties at the onboarding and ongoing monitoring stage to identify these risks, so that they can be understood and managed.

Our solution

Helping you engage third parties with confidence:

With deep domain expertise gained over two decades of supplying due diligence needs to the financial and corporate sectors, we can provide accurate, clear and detailed information into a wide range of potential risks associated with a third-party relationship.

Our due diligence solutions covers specific risks that should be considered before engaging with any third-party, to help you understand:

  • Which individuals and companies have had restrictions placed on them by governments and regulators.
  • Details and information relating to their ownership, employees, operations, and more, such as political, or government connection, or any associations linked to financial crime or corruption.
  • If they pose any ESG-related risks – such as any form of environmental degradation, human rights abuses, links to modern slavery, animal welfare breaches or poor employment practices.
  • If they can do the job, have an industry presence, reputation for quality products or services, and adhere to sound operating practices.
  • Do they match your own standards and codes of conduct, do they operate with integrity within their business?
  • What is their current financial health?
  • Can they be trusted to not misuse intellectual property or confidential information and respect and adhere to data privacy regulations and take adequate steps to do so.

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Why we are trusted for third-party due diligence


Third-party risk specialisation

We offer insights covering 29 specific risks associated with doing business and partnering with third parties.

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Reports to match your needs

We cater to our clients varied requirements to offer the appropriate speed and depth of insight based on your needs.

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Global coverage with local knowledge

With local researchers in all major markets, we have the ability to conduct media research in local languages.

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Our specialists will tailor a third-party due diligence solution to help solve your specific needs.

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